Council 7970
North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
7-1-18    Added links to Council and Assembly newsletters.  Added picture of
               Assembly officers to Assembly page
​​​6-16-18   Added links to pictures from Fellowship Day, Flag Retirement Day                  on Activities Page 
​6-3-18    Added link to June council newsletter and pictures from Fellowship                    Day
​5-23-18  Added link to Quality of Life pics on Activities page
​5-16-18   Added link on Activities page to Hooked on Fishing 2018 K & 8
​5-1-18    Updated Calendar Page, added links to Assembly and Council                         Newsletters on their respective pages
​4-8-18    Updated Calendar Page & Assembly 3019 Page
​4-2-18     Added link to Newsletter on Newsletter page and updated Calendar                  page
​​2-8-18     Updated Calendar Page and also added links on Newsletter Page 
                Assembly Page​
3-2-18     ​Updated Calendar Page and also added links on Newsletter Page
                Assembly Page​
​12-30-17  Added links to Council newsletter and Assembly newsletter
                Updated Calendar​
​12-5-17   Updated Officer page and Deceased Members